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Majestic Concert Series Concert Snare Drums

Choose a snare drum depending on your personal preference...

Majestic concert snare drums are available with a variety of materials and sound qualities. Depending on your personal preferences you can choose from Aluminum, Brass or Maple shells in 5.5" and 6.5" high.

Snare Drums


  • Solid die-cast tension hoops

  • Ten tension lugs for optimal head tension

  • Majestic's 25-strand steel wire snares

  • Single-handle smooth operation snare system

  • Snare tension adjustment on left and right sides

  • Remo Renaissance heads on batter and snare sides


Model No. Size Shell
MCS 1335AL 13"x3.5" Aluminum (3 mm)
MCS 1455AL 14"x5.5" Aluminum (3 mm)
MCS 1465AL 14"x6.5" Aluminum (3 mm)
MCS 1335BR 13"x3.5" Brass (1.2 mm)
MCS 1455BR 14"x5.5" Brass (1.2 mm)
MCS 1465BR 14"x6.5" Brass (1.2 mm)
MCS 1455MA 14"x5.5" Maple (7.2 mm)
MCS 1465MA 14"x6.5" Maple (7.2 mm)
CSS590 Concert Snare Drum Stand

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