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Pearl Philharmonic Maple Snare Drum


Pearl Philharmonic Maple Snare Drum - PHP-1340

The PHP1340 13"x4" Philharmonic 6-ply 100% Maple Shell that delivers the power to be heard, with a dark, full tonal response that has become the preferred sound of orchestras and artists around the world.

From the lightest touch, to the thickest roll - Philharmonic Ply Maple drums are right for the job.


6 Ply, 7.5mm 100% Maple Shell
Maple is the ideal choice for a concert snare due to its range of frequency response and warmth in sound quality.

SR-500 Triad Strainer
Silent snare throw provides 3 individual snare adjusters allowing for optimal fine tuning of each snare material. A global adjuster is used on the butt side for quick overall adjustments.

Graduated Tension Snares
Allow seamless timbral overlapping across a greatly extended dynamic and sensitivity range.

Vintage Snare Beds
Allow maximum head contact with the wrap around snare units.

Tube Lugs
Classic Style and professional performance lugs allow the maximum shell resonance.

Stainless Steel Tension Rods
A lifetime of hassle free use.

MasterCast Rims
The most accurate tuning at higher concert range tensions.

Remo Renaissance Head
Diplomat weight head with accurate concert tone and sensitivity

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