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Pearl Concert Snare Drums

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Pearl Philharmonic - Maple Snare Drums

This Pearl Philharmonic solid Maple drum features a shell painstakingly hand formed from a single, 7.5mm thick ply of fully aged prime Maple. No other concert snare drum on the market today can match the richness, warmth, and depth of tonal dynamics offered by this outstanding concert instruments.

PHM-1450 (14"x5")
PHM-1465 (14"x6.5')
PHP-1340 (13"x4")
PHP-1440 (14"x4")
PHP-1450 (14"x5")
PHP-1465 (14"x6.5")
PHP-1480 (14"x8")

Pearl Philharmonic - Field Maple Snare Drums

These Philharmonic Series Field Snare Drums offer the emotion of traditional style rope Marching drums, combined with all the technologically advanced features common with our other Philharmonic Series Snare Drums. Complete with our exclusive Triad Silent Strainer System and SuperHoop II rims, and offers a superior warmth, depth and tonal sensitivity never before available to a Field Drum.

PHF-1412 (14"x12")
PHF-1616 (16"x16")

Pearl Philharmonic - Brass Snare Drums

These Philharmonic Brass snare drums offer the highest frequency response in the Philharmonic Series with a bright ringing tone that rises above the ensemble and speaks easily.

PHB-1440 (14"x4")
PHB-1450 (14"x5")
PHB-1465 (14"x6.5")
PHB-1480 (14"x8")

Pearl Philharmonic - Aluminium Snare Drums

These Philharmonic Cast Aluminium Shell Snare Drums feature warmth and richness similar to wood but with the increased brightness and attack characteristic of metal shell snare drums.

PHA-1440 (14"x4")
PHA-1450 (14"x5")
PHA-1465 (14"x6.5")

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