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Pearl Symphonic Snare Drum


Pearl Symphonic Snare Drum - SYP-1455

These prestigious Masters Series Symphonic Custom Snare Drums were developed exclusively for the concert hall and for the percussionist needing the ultimate in versatility for a wide variety of playing situations.

This outstanding drum features a 7.5mm, 100% aged maple shell, formed by the Pearl patented Superior Shell Technology, and finished in beautiful high gloss Antique Sunburst. Classic style tube lugs with the Pearl MasterCast die-cast hoops and genuine Remo Renaissance heads give this instrument an unmistakable vintage look. But in sharp contrast to its classic visual, is the state of art precision and versatility of the Pearl Multi Timbre Snare Strainer.

Pearl's revolutionary Multi-Timbre Snare Strainer System utilizing three individually adjustable throw-off levers and tension controls for each of its three different snare wire materials. Each lever controls either six strands of gut, cable or wire to offer you almost unlimited sound possibilities. The Symphonic Series Snare Drum and Multi-Timbre throw-off system offers a wide variety in sound quality and tone, simulating an almost endless array of different snare drums, depending on the combination of snares chosen. With all three levers in the on position, you have a snare drum with extreme sensitivity, and almost endless dynamic range.

Symphonic Series Snare Drums are available in both 14" x 6.5" and 14" x 5.5" sizes. Our Symphonic Series concert snare drums offers a perfect combination of classic styling, supreme quality and craftsmanship, unsurpassed tonality, and an unprecedented control and versatility that no other drum provides.


6 Ply, 7.5mm 100% Maple Shell
Maple is the ideal choice for a concert snare due to its range of frequency response and warmth in sound quality.

Antique Sunburst Finish
A timeless, classic look with the natural wood grain showing through the high gloss finish.

SR-300 Multi-Timbre Strainer
Multi-timbre strainer system with 3 levers for individual snare assembly control.

Symphonic Snares
One each 6 strand lay-on assemblies of Snappy wire, wound cable, and heavy coated cable.

Tube Lugs
Classic Style and professional performance lugs allow the maximum shell resonance.

Stainless Steel Tension Rods
A lifetime of hassle free use.

Mastercast Hoops
Die-cast hoops for the most accurate tuning at higher concert range tensions.

Remo Renaissance Head
Diplomat weight head with accurate concert tone and sensitivity.

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